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Remco anticipates great revival in the industrial market

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Claudia Ariton
While having to pay maximum bonuses, even in the financially difficult times of 2009, to reward the work of its motivated and dedicated team of professionals, Remco Romania did not have to wait long to see the outcome. The value of its delivered projects in 2009 and of its work-in-progress, waiting to be delivered this year, exceeds 30 million lei.
Some of the 23 projects that are currently in various stages of negotiation, once concluded, will significantly increase this figure by year end, according to Jan Van Vulpen, General Manager, Remco. “Apart from the projects currently under construction, we have every reason to believe that 2010 and 2011 will be the years of the big revival in the construction of industrial buildings, although we would hasten to say that we already exceeded our 2009 budgets by far,” he explained. The 23 projects currently being developed for various clients represent a consolidated surface of some 125,000 sqm, spread all over . It is therefore “steaming and boiling in all departments of our company.”
Discussing the invested sums involved in building the projects, Van Vulpen stated that the company’s scope of activities focuses on engineering contracts, full turn-key assignments, meaning that the value of projects can vary significantly. “But the overall value of the projects under active consideration is about five times our average annual turnover,” he added.
Remco , whose activity in the local market started back in 1996, covers nearly 15 years of experience in industrial projects. “We have been involved in the actual construction of over 90 buildings, whereas the consolidated surface is approaching the mark of 450,000 sqm. So, it is time to prepare a party, as together with our fifteenth anniversary next year, we expect to crack the 500,000 sqm milestone,” said the general manager.
The company’s main focus lies in its sales, marketing, as well as in the construction and engineering of steel industrial buildings, while its “physical involvement” in the execution stage is limited to project management and logistics. Therefore, Remco collaborates with a selected range of subcontractors and suppliers “to ensure a smooth realization of the investment.” As Van Vulpen explained, “Unlike many of our competitors, we are not hopping from one supplier and subcontractor to another to get the lowest price, but invest in deep and ongoing business relations. And that pays off, in quality and in planning.”
This strategy, along with the support of its team, has enabled Remco to maintain its pace of growth within the domestic market. The company employs a nine-person staff in its Bucharest office, which hosts an international team of some 75 Remco payroll employees. “In all honesty, I think our biggest success is the team we have managed to create to run the business. All of them are motivated and dedicated professionals in their own specific fields of expertise. From the Dutch headquarters we just randomly have to supervise matters and have given maximum freedom within a clear set of terms of reference that we submitted. And we are never disappointed,” the general manager confessed.
Now that the effects of the credit crunch are gradually fading away, he foresees an organic growth for Remco to reaching a turnover level of somewhere around 50 million lei in alone. Asked if the current economic trends make a difference in the way he manages resources, Van Vulpen told Business Arena Magazine, “We do not need to be the biggest, but for sure we want to be the best in our market segment. And by wanting to be the best, you have to make sure that your business processes remain manageable.”

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