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2017 Business Arena Awards for Excellence

1614 afisari

Business people, investors and entrepreneurs have always put at the top of their wish list items such as legislative stability and tax predictability, low red tape and a fair treatment. In fact, the entire society stands to benefit from improvements in areas that have a wide-reaching impact throughout the community. In the meantime, innovation, resourcefulness, perseverance and a culture of responsible risk-taking have helped many overcome major challenges.

On this note, Business Arena Magazine is proud to announce the upcoming 2017 Business Arena Awards for Excellence, which will bring recognition to individuals and organizations in business, culture, sport and civil society who have seen outstanding results and achievements.

With its strong and diverse tradition in creating new platforms for the business community to share their views and ideas, and in recognizing business success, spanning over 16 years, Business Arena is launching this new project designed to expand the scope of its annual award ceremonies, adding a new gala to its events calendar.

For more information please contact Cosmin Stangaciu at or phone 0755.274.125

Celebrating achievements, excellence and innovation, the 2017 Business Arena Awards for Excellence will cover the following categories:  

Award for Excellence in Car Sales

Dental Care Provider of the Year

Award for Excellence in Hospitality Industry

Entrepreneur of 2017

Industry and Technology Company of the Year

Software Company of the Year

Telecom Company of the Year

IT Firm of the Year

Energy Company of the Year

Best Real Estate Development Firm

Award for Excellence in Eyewear Production

Award for Excellence in Healthcare Services

Award for Excellence in Insurance

Award for Excellence in Banking

Farming Equipment Company of the Year

Travel Agency of the Year

Travel & Tourism Firm of the Year

CSR Project of the Year

Award for Excellence in PR & Advertising

Law Firm of the Year

Award for Excellence in Retail Development

Award for Excellence in Finance

Brand of 2017

Food & Drink Company of the Year

Award for Excellence in Sports

Excellence in Civil Society Initiatives


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Frequent changes in legislation and taxation, stuffy bureaucracy continue to represent major hurdles for investors in Romania. However, Austrian investors have positive expectations and continue to remain strongly committed to their development plans in this country.
In this context, Business Arena is proud to announce its annual event dedicated to Austrian investors. Business leaders, bankers and entrepreneurs will all get together to discuss and share their views on the latest economic trends and challenges at Business Arena's 2018 Austria - Romania Roundtable Business Conference and Awards.