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Our most powerful ally in dental medicine: our own body

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By Cristian Cojanu
Swiss Ecodent dental clinic continues to revolutionize the services offered to Romanian patients, following new acquisitions of high-performing equipment and cutting-edge technologies. One of the innovations introduced by the clinic in Romania involves the use of PRGF plasma, which has a major impact on oral surgery, periodontology, implantology as well as facial esthetics.
Specializing in surgery, periodontology, and implantology, Dr. Dr. Dr. Marmandiu explains the technology and its benefits in plain language: “Medical research has proved that the use of patients’ own blood cells accelerates healing and tissue regeneration in all kinds of surgical procedures. The PRGF technology is a procedure that involves collecting a small blood sample from the patient. The plasma is separated by centrifugation, as it contains proteins responsible for accelerating recovery and the healing process, and it is used with exceptional results in surgical procedures from basic extractions to implants and bone augmentation. The use of such procedures provides multiple advantages to our patients:
it reduces pain, inflammation, the risk of infection and recovery time. Also, it reduces post-operative complications, as there is no
risk of rejection by the body – we have a 100 per cent compatibility, with the plasma coming from the patient’s own blood.
Facial esthetics has also seen spectacular results, as the PRGF technology provides now the most efficient treatment solution for those who want to delay the first signs of aging. The Vampire Therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment, used in volume enhancement and soft tissue regeneration. This procedure is a far superior option to hyaluronic acid, visibly improving skin texture from the first treatment session and providing a long-lasting anti-aging effect.” 
Dental medicine has progressed to unimaginable heights, with the creation of minimal and non-invasive treatments and advanced technologies, eliminating the risk of immunological complications with the use of biocompatible solutions. Not only do they ensure superior results, but they also enhance patient comfort. That is why an increasing number of Romanian patients choose such treatments nowadays.  
Looking into the future, scientists speak of even more spectacular discoveries. Dental implants could be replaced by bio-teeth that are grown inside patients’ mouths. This is the next challenge that scientists are focusing on. Until then, however, we can take advantage of innovations that help increase patient comfort, reducing pain, postoperative complications, infections, and continue with our prevention programs. And, while prevention is better than cure, the Swiss Ecodent clinic offers all its patients free oral cancer screening as part of its prevention package. Patients are screened with the ORAL ID, the only such device recognized by the American Dental Association. The test takes about two minutes, it is pain-free and it can detect any type of oral cancer in early stages.

The editorial is also available in our print edition.

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