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Victaulic sets eyes on Romania

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Claudia Ariton
Following its involvement in a wide range of projects in Romania, US-based Victaulic has announced plans to expand its operations and cover many more industrial sectors. Sebastian Talabus, sales engineer Romania, said that Victaulics mechanical piping systems are used in many building projects, ranging from commercial buildings to hospitals, schools, data centers and power plants. Sun Plaza is the latest project in which Victaulic, long-time specialist in pipe-joining solutions, has been involved. Victaulica
Talabus also noted that the company’s fire protection expertise is present in major Romanian warehouse constructions, such as the Leonardo Logistic Warehouse and F&G Buildings in Bucharest: “The implementation of Victaulic ‘installation-ready’ couplings, which arrived on site, pre-assembled, has enabled the installers to finish the project two months ahead of schedule and reduce man-hours by 35 per cent.”
Throughout its history in the Romanian retail market, Victaulic has contributed to a variety of projects, including Real Pitesti, Carrefour Sibiu and Armonia Oradea. Victaulic has also provided its high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) system solutions in ventures such as Michelin Zalau, Michelin Floresti and Delhi Iasi. “Our company has been involved in many retail projects in Romania, but it has also developed products and solutions for different markets, including the automotive industry, power, water and waste water segments, as well as the chemical, petrochemical, mining, industrial manufacturing and shipyard sectors. We are already involved in many of these applications in Romania,” said Talabus.
Victaulic is the inventor of the grooved mechanical joining concept, which has become the company’s most sought after product. The concept, according to Talabus, “is successful because, as a no-flame solution, it is safer, faster to install and ultimately saves time and money for a variety of applications. Also, as part of its efforts to make installation even more consistent and simpler, Victaulic is continuing to develop its patented ‘installation-ready’ product line for a variety of applications, including copper, stainless and ductile iron. The quick-joining technology has proved popular among its fire-protection customers and Victaulic is looking to introduce similar products in its HVAC line.”
After 17 years activity in many European countries, the company maintains a strong interest in eastern Europe and other growing markets. Not less then 40 percent of Victaulic’s turnover is now outside the North American market. “Some of the largest areas of growth have been in Europe, particularly eastern Europe, where we have seen dramatic growth in the last few years. Victaulic is also committed to the Romanian market. To strengthen its position still further, the company continues to hire dedicated sales people to service the market,” Talabus explained. According to Rudolf De Muynck, a regional manager for Victaulic, the focus of the company is to meet the needs of their clients by creating pipe-joining solutions “that not only save time but also money.”
Victaulic manufacturing and distribution facilities are located worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Poland and China. “The company’s philosophy is to manufacture close to the markets we serve, which greatly affects product availability and time-to-market. Our facilities in Dresdenko, Poland, provide products for the European markets and other markets around the world,” said Talabus.
Operating in a competitive market affected by the global financial crisis, the company’s main challenge is convincing industry about the advantages of its grooved system over the traditional pipe-joining methods, namely welding, flanging and threading. Talabus believes that now, more then ever, owners and contractors are looking for ways to save time and money on their construction projects. “Many who have overlooked the Victaulic method of joining pipe are now taking a second look at it. This is also a time when Victaulic can focus on other industry-specific markets, such as power, reverse osmosis, mining, biofuels and ship building, where the Victaulic mechanical grooved-joint is not as well known but is growing in popularity.”
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